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Matarangi Beach Coromandel Peninsula

Rachel Venables Design

Project Details
Ext. Cladding: Cedar Bevelbacked weatherboard.
Ext. Joinery: Smartwood
Roof: Longrun Colorsteel ZRX
Int. Joinery: Fyfe Kitchens Ltd
Flooring: Coloured polished concrete

Commenced 03 January 2003
Completed 26 July 2003

Rod’s Comment
Rachel was a joy to have as an Architect. The owners were truly delightful and the result amazing!

Client Referral – Rachel Venables
I have recently completed a new beachfront house with Rod Percival on the Coromandel Peninsula. As the design and project architect, I worked with Rod’s team to price the project then observed on-site during the construction process.

I have been impressed by Rod Percival and they have contributed greatly to a very enjoyable process and excellent end result. They are a professional, efficient and friendly team. They are very good planners and raise queries well ahead so that information can be supplied steadily and with sufficient thoroughness. They study drawings and all information supplied thoroughly to ensure the works are built correctly and to a high quality. Where suggestions were made to substitute any materials or refine any detailing the ideas were well-researched and promptly-priced.

Site meetings were conducted regularly and items on the minutes followed up in a timely and efficient manner. Local knowledge was willingly passed on, making running a job on the Coromandel from Auckland free of difficulties. Rod Percival’s team were also excellent at liasing with the client and formed a very good relationship with them. Their dedication to follow up and remedial work is reassuring.

I would be delighted to work with Rod Percival again and would not hesitate to recommend them for similar projects.

Rachel Venables