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Location Matarangi Beach Coromandel
Architect Matt Chaplin, Sumich Architects – (09) 522-1286

Project Details
House of the Year 2002 Supreme Award Winner

This beachfront house sits in a unique wooded setting at the edge of popular Coromandel Peninsula.

The house is designed within the context of this large green site.
The client’s requested a holiday dwelling that created a relaxed and secure indoor/outdoor living environment and to meet the needs of an extended family life.

The 4 forms of the dwelling take their shape from typical rural structures and are placed to create numerous sheltered living spaces between and around them. Entry is through a cedar gate in a high bagged plaster wall opening into a tree filled green courtyard. All the forms open into this sheltered courtyard.

The plan is only one room deep at any point allowing a visual connection between the courtyards and beach beyond.
Materials are restrained in palette and have been selected for robustness.

Bandsawn weatherboards, timber battens and TG&V reflect the beach environment and are typical elements of the traditional NZ bach. The weatherboards have been painted dark in colour to give strength to the forms and contrast with the white joinery and soft grey of the zinc corrugate roof.
Cedar battens have been used to create sheltered exterior spaces and to control the elements. The effect of these is to filter sun and light, creating spaces that are diffuse, light and breezy.
Clean exterior detailing is reflected in the interior to create an overall ambience of a relaxed holiday environment.

Commenced 05 February 2000
Completed 01 December 2001

Rod’s Comment
A brilliant result under pressure to complete for Christmas, Architect and Owners a pleasure to work for!

House of the Year Awards
2002, House of the Year National Award, Category 6: 1st Place
2002, House of the Year Supreme Auckland Regional Award, Category 6: 1st Place
2002, House of the Year Auckland Region, Category 6: 1st Place
2002, House of the Year Southern and Eastern Branch, Category 6: 1st Place
2002, Origin Timeframe Structural Assurance Award, : 1st Place
2002, Heart of the Home Kitchen Award Supreme National, : 1st Place
2002, Auckland Region, : 1st Place
2002, Southern and Eastern Region, : 1st Place