McCurrach Beach House

Architects & Designers

Some of the Architects & Designers that I have constructed new homes for

Sumich-Chaplin----Matt Chaplin x 2

Patterson Architects---Andrew Patterson x 2

Mitchell & Stout--David Mitchell

Jessop Architects--Darren Jessop

Francis Clarke Architects--Paul Francis--x 2

Hulena Architects--Brent Hulena

Architectus--Malcolm Bowes

Terence Hitchcock Architects

ASC Architects--Neil Cotton

David Snell Architects

Wendy Shacklock Architects

Scarlet Architects--Jane Aimer

Rachel Venables

Lynda Vugler Designs--x10

White Architectural Design

Lindy Leuschke

Mercer and Mercer Architects Ltd--Adam Mercer